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University of Nevada, Las Vegas


Procambarus clarkii are found in extremely low numbers throughout Lake Mead, AZ-NV. The crayfish are an important dietary component for game fish. Enhancement of the crayfish population would broaden the fishery forage base. Crayfish were stocked and monitored in a study cove on Saddle Island to determine if the Procambarus clarkii population could be enhanced. A trapping survey of the area after the following reproductive season yielded low numbers of crayfish. A comparison of pre-stocking and post-stocking catch per trap day (CPTD) values revealed no significant increase in the population. Procambarus clarkii growth is limited by environmental factors in Lake Mead. If management plans indicate that a large crayfish population is needed for the Lake Mead fishery, stocking of Qrconectes virilis is recommended.


Aquatic biology; Freshwater crayfish; Freshwater fishes; Lake Mead (Ariz.-Nev.)


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