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Technical Report

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The objectives of this study were to:

1. Establish baseline densities of benthic invertebrates and relative abundance of crayfish in Lake Mead.

2. Evaluate the distributions of benthic organisms and crayfish in relation to existing habitat conditions and 1imnological characteristics of Lake Mead.

3. Measure seasonal changes in abundances of benthic organisms and crayfish in Lake Mead.

4. Compare observations of Procambarus clarkii life history in Lake Mead to reports from other aquatic systems.

5. Evaluate the importance of benthic organisms and crayfish as food sources for game fish in Lake Mead.


Benthic organisms; Fisheries; Freshwater crayfish; Freshwater fishes; Lake Mead (Ariz. and Nev.)


Aquaculture and Fisheries | Biology | Environmental Indicators and Impact Assessment | Environmental Monitoring | Fresh Water Studies | Natural Resources and Conservation | Terrestrial and Aquatic Ecology | Water Resource Management




From the Lake Mead Limnological Research Center, University of Nevada, Las Vegas.