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Editor's Note [Excerpt] The United States, as a society, is on the brink of profound and positive change. Demographically and culturally, things are improving, and the reason is obvious to people who study history: Conflict pushes us to be better, to strive for principled goals. Consider the inspired eco-advocacy of Greta Thunberg. Or the swearing in of most diverse class of lawmakers in history into the 116th Congress. Or billionaire Robert F. Smith’s pledge to pay off every Morehouse College (in Atlanta, Georgia) student’s debt. Indeed, there are many good people helping and great moments happening in spite of a bleak 24-hour news cycle designed to ruin happiness and to limit our understanding of our human potential. We at Witness see this yearning for transformation in the works we selected. The doorway must be crossed, and the voices and characters we featured in our Winter 2019 issue stand at the vestibule, ready for the light to warm them, primed to fight for that necessary illumination.

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Winter 2019


Beverly Rogers, Carol C. Harter Black Mountain Institute




Las Vegas, Nevada

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Social change; Literature


Creative Writing | English Language and Literature

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Managing Editor: Tamar Peterson

Community Editor: Lindsay Olson

Poetry Editor Samuel: Gilpin

Assistant Poetry Editor: Sreshtha Sen

Fiction Editor Wendy: Wimmer

Assistant Fiction Editor: Carrieann Cahall

Nonfiction Editor: Scott Hinkle

Assistant Nonfiction Editor: Cody Gambino

Readers: Alexandra Murphy, Chantelle Mitchell, Flavia Stefani, Jordan Sutlive, Veronica Klash, Dylan Fisher, Daynee Rosales, Ariana Turiansky, MaryCourtney Ning, Erin Piasecki, Anthony Farris, Jo O’Lone-Hahn, Chelsi Sayti, Ruth Larmore, and Kathryn McKenzie


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Witness: The Modern Writer as Witness



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