Submissions from 2019

Conclusion, Deborah Arteaga

L2 Grammatical Representation and Processing; Theory and Practice, Deborah Arteaga

Obviation and Old French Subjunctive Clauses, Deborah Arteaga

What Can Acquisition Studies Contribute to the Instruction of Register? A Case Study of French, Deborah Arteaga and Julia Herschensohn

Contributions of Romance Languages to Current Linguistic Theory, Deborah L. Arteaga

Chapter 2: Constitutions, Susan Byrne

Juridical Philology: Incest, Adultery and Law in the Quijote, Susan Byrne

La Armonía Neoplatónica en ‘A Francisco de Salinas’ de Fray Luis de León, Susan Byrne

Docta y Sabia Atenea: Studia in honorem Lía Schwartz, Susan Byrne, Sagrario López Poza, Nieves Pena Sueiro, Mariano de la Campa Gutiérrez, Isabel Pérez Cuenca, and Almudena Vidorreta


The Microvariation of the Spanish Perfect in Three Varieties, Paz González, Margarita Jara Yupanqui, and Carmen Kleinherenbrink


Raconter en prose, XIVe–XVIe siècle, Margaret Harp

Beethoven and the Test of Faith: Hélène Cixous’s Ode to Joy, Francois-Nicolas Vozel