The Impact of History: Walter Kempowski’s Im Block

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2020 SASSI Conference Proceedings

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When we selected our theme of IMPACT for the 2020 Society for the Academic Study of Social Imagery (SASSI) conference, we had no idea how prescient the notion was. We were indeed IMPACTed by COVID-19. Originally slated for March 13-14, we were one of the first conferences nationwide to voluntarily move to a virtual format. The “shut-down” was not official yet in the States, and we had a couple weeks wondering “should we, shouldn’t we?” The live program was finalized until our half dozen or so international registrants had to cancel, as their countries were among the first affected. By the time our east coast attendees started dropping, we knew we had to make the move online. All things considered; the transition was smooth. Using the original program as a template, registrants were invited to submit their work in whatever format they wished – paper, outline, audio, video, PowerPoint, etc. – and that submission was linked on our website to their timeslot in the schedule. It was asynchronous but gave the feeling of being time bound and honoring our early plan. The interdisciplinary papers found in this compilation were selected from among those initial submissions.


Walter Kempowski; Biography; 20th-century Germany; Literature


Arts and Humanities | Creative Writing | Nonfiction



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