Jo Gibson, Cleveland State UniversityFollow
Lollie Ragana, Antioch University
Martin Dean Dupalo, University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Homeira Foth, City College of San Francisco; San Francisco State University
Lily I. MacKenzie, University of San FranciscoFollow
Susan Ribner, Hunter College
Anne Stark, Utah State UniversityFollow
Mike Jaynes
Allan Johnston, Columbia CollegeFollow
Taylor Altman, QuestBridge
Susan Nyikos, Utah State University
Lisa Konigsberg, West Chester University
Alex M. Frankel, Cal State Los Angeles
Kristin Elsie Graef, Aquinas College - Grand Rapids
Mari-Carmen Marin, University of Houston; Lone Star Community College
Brian R. Young, University of AkronFollow
Stacy Esch, West Chester University
Heather Trahan, University of Cincinnati
Lee Casson, Middle Tennessee State University
Rebecca Grace Williams, Indiana State University
Kate Doughtery
Linda Maxwell, Eastern Kentucky University
Mark Evan Davis, Marshall University
Erin Kelley, University of Nevada, Las Vegas; College of Southern Nevada
Rowan Johnson, University of Tennessee ChattanoogaFollow
Natalie Carter, University of Nevada, Las Vegas
John Shields
Kevin P. Keating, Baldwin-Wallace College
Renée E. D’Aoust, North Idaho College
Anna Geyer, San Francisco City College; Solano Community College
Heather Moymer, Columbia College Chicago; Harold Washington College
Algie Ray Smith, Western Kentucky University
Adam Cushman, Cal State, Los Angeles; Santa Monica College; UCLA Extension
Margaret Finnegan, Cal State, Los Angeles
Alan Ramón Clinton
Thomas Sabel, Indian University-Purdue University at Fort Wayne
Deborah Stark, City University of New York; Queensborough Community CollegeFollow
Maggie Landess, Indiana State University



Download Full Text (1.1 MB)

Download Rhodes Tower, Room 1801 (73 KB)

Download A Thimbleful of Sky (98 KB)

Download A Daily Adventure: A School Boy Walks Home (78 KB)

Download Letters to Keats (91 KB)

Download Evolution of a Reader (77 KB)

Download Bad Girls (113 KB)

Download Burning Man (100 KB)

Download Confessions of a Recovering Reckless Hypochondriac (129 KB)

Download A Caravaggio (9 KB)

Download Night Piece (8 KB)

Download Dialectical Materialism (61 KB)

Download The broken heart of the road kill (63 KB)

Download One Way to Pound‘s Grave in Venice (101 KB)

Download Ruins (to Dad) (7 KB)

Download Girl at the Window—Salvador Dali (65 KB)

Download Eulogy (65 KB)

Download Should I Try (61 KB)

Download Ode to Love (66 KB)

Download Nightingale (72 KB)

Download BUGS (65 KB)

Download Some squirrels don‘t eat acorns in the park (61 KB)

Download Wisdom of the Page (61 KB)

Download Two Days before Spring Equinox (8 KB)

Download Sonata (60 KB)

Download Drunk in Colima, Mexico (62 KB)

Download Massenetique (78 KB)

Download The Music Lesson (61 KB)

Download I Know What A Poem Isn’t (92 KB)

Download Old Faithful (65 KB)

Download Museum (60 KB)

Download Deciphered (61 KB)

Download Birth Mother XXIII (61 KB)

Download Downtown Bound (7 KB)

Download Division (8 KB)

Download A Thousand and One Nights Before (64 KB)

Download Bella Flor (65 KB)

Download No Word (61 KB)

Download Birth Mother XXVIII (69 KB)

Download 3rd floor, Creswell Hall (60 KB)

Download The Business of Poetry (63 KB)

Download Message (69 KB)

Download For Show (64 KB)

Download The Lives of Objects (62 KB)

Download Limited Licensed Partnerships (66 KB)

Download Razor-faced, neck-tied, & lost (63 KB)

Download Time to Marry (61 KB)

Download Sunday at Six (61 KB)

Download Tutankhamen (63 KB)

Download You Float (60 KB)

Download Grief Knows (60 KB)

Download Floating On an Inner-Tube (60 KB)

Download The Sculptor (60 KB)

Download Three (133 KB)

Download In the Secret Parts of Fortune (111 KB)

Download Bleached Bones (89 KB)

Download Happy (81 KB)

Download The Girl with No Name (63 KB)

Download Kate‘s Kids (82 KB)

Download Felonies for which I was Never Apprehended (86 KB)

Download Hard Being You (126 KB)

Download The Inimitable Doctor Lawson (88 KB)

Download Sleepers Awake: a Cautionary Tale (73 KB)

Download Real (75 KB)

Download Last Supper (80 KB)


wordriver is a literary journal dedicated to the poetry, short fiction and creative nonfiction of adjuncts and part-time instructors teaching in our universities, colleges, and community colleges. Our premier issue was published in Spring 2009. We are always looking for work that demonstrates the creativity and craft of adjunct/part-time instructors in English and other disciplines. We reserve first publication rights and onetime anthology publication rights for all work published. We define adjunct instructors as anyone teaching part-time or full-time under a semester or yearly contract, nationwide and in any discipline. Graduate students teaching under part-time contracts during the summer or who have used up their teaching assistant time and are teaching with adjunct contracts for the remainder of their graduate program also are eligible.

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