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The objective of the proposed investigation is to conduct corrosion research and predict the durability of rock-bolts and other underground metallic roof supports. In critical areas, it is possible to use highly corrosion resistant steels for rock bolts at Yucca Mountain (YM) repository, as the steel rock bolts, as well as other materials such as Bernold type shields for tunnels at YM site [1-4]. In addition, there is propensity for stress corrosion cracking as well as hydrogen induced cracking in rock bolts likely to occur in YM repository emplacement under drift conditions. As corrosion of these materials for underground support structures depends on the YM environmental constraints, loading, and temperatures, it is necessary to evaluate different materials with a wide range of corrosion rates for the rock bolts, particularly important for SCC and HE resistance which incorporate these conditions. Thus these studies will enable DOE to more accurately model for long-term predictions of drift stability during YM repository service. It is proposed that the following subtasks be performed to further this goal. The tables below describe the proposed materials for the rock bolts and steel sets as well as the types of tests important corrosion tests of significance to determine the optimal materials for use at the YM underground repository.


Corrosion and anti-corrosives; Nevada – Yucca Mountain; Radioactive waste repositories; Rock bolts – Corrosion; Rock mechanics


Geotechnical Engineering | Mechanics of Materials




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