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This task will create a two-dimensional, saturated zone, vertical cross-section model of groundwater flow and thermal transport through the large hydraulic gradient (LHG). This model is referenced herein as the thermal model. The scope of this study is limited to presenting a postulated hydrogeologic configuration of the LHG. The conceptualization will include the use of postulated hydrogeologic structures and material properties. The thermal model will be spatially limited to the area immediately upgradient and downgradient of the LHG and will not reproduce the many hydrogeologic features of the existing regional and site-scale models. The thermal model will be orientated north to south, approximately along a saturated zone streamline. The results of the thermal modeling will be compared to temperature data reported for site wells by the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) and in peer-reviewed journals. Most, if not all, of this reported data is non- qualified. This task will not qualify the reported data and the reported data will be used only as a basis of comparison for the model simulations.


Groundwater; Groundwater flow; Hydrogeology; Nevada – Yucca Mountain






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Task ORD-FY04-018

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