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Harry Reid Center for Environmental Studies, University of Nevada, Las Vegas


The Harry Reid Center for Environmental Studies (HRC) at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV) has analyzed approximately 200 groundwater samples for over 60 trace elements and major solutes over the past ten years. These samples represent groundwaters from the Nevada Test Site, Amargosa Valley, the Spring Mountains, Death Valley, Ash Meadows, Pahranagat Valley, and Oasis Valley. The preparation of a data base containing all of these data is near completion and will be submitted to DOE upon its completion. Data verification is in progress. In addition, many multivariate analyses were performed to characterize the trace element compositions in these groundwaters. The techniques of principal components analysis, correspondence analysis, Q-mode factor analysis, k-means cluster analysis, and hierarchical cluster analysis were applied to these data in order to determine the variations within the trace element chemistry of these waters. A geographical information system was also employed to find spatial trends within the study area. Several journal articles and presentations describing these analyses were completed or brought to near completion.


Groundwater – Quality; Nevada; Water chemistry


Hydrology | Library and Information Science