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This part of the Technical Report includes four types of experimental studies: strain rate dependence, uniaxial creep, Brazilian (Indirect splitting) tensile strength and uniaxial compressive strength. These are presented in four chapters. One hundred twenty one specimens have been tested in uniaxial compression. Ninety three of these are included in the strain rate dependence study, presented in Chapter 2. Uniaxial compression strain rates range from about 10~8 to 10~2 s~l. Results of twenty eight tests are presented in Chapter 5, which describes uniaxial compression testing of specimens containing major lithophysal cavities. Fourteen specimens have been tested in uniaxial creep, presented in Chapter 3. Brazilian testing has been performed on 158 specimens. Results are presented in Chapter 4. The chapter on Brazilian testing includes a study of strain rate dependency of the splitting tensile strength, conducted by performing Brazilian tests at strain rates from about 10^-6 to about 10^-2 s^-l. The test results in the form of electronic data can be accessed at the website: The UCCSN Data ID numbers are Uniaxial (including the tests for strain rate dependence study): 018LM.001; Creep: 018LM.003; and Brazilian: 018LM.002.


Nevada – Yucca Mountain; Rock mechanics; Rocks – Testing; Strains and stresses;


Earth Sciences | Geophysics and Seismology | Tectonics and Structure




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