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The Strip is a destination location where visitors can experience the uniqueness that each integrated resort has to offer. This thesis argues that the design of all aspects within and around an integrated resort influences guest experience and is a major contributor to creating the uniqueness of each property. The intent for the exploration of this thesis is to prove that the compilation and documentation of the patterns specific to hospitality design is necessary in becoming a design tool to guide designers and hoteliers in the development and management of this specific typology.

Three tasks were performed within the application of this study in order to discern and analyze how the design of integrated resorts can enhance guest experience and aid in the expression of a resort’s identity. The first task includes the analysis of design patterns that currently exist within and around all the integrated resorts on the Strip. The patterns were identified through the process of walking the Strip and on-site observations of public functions within each property.

The second task consists of the documentation and review of the patterns found in task one. This involved distilling overarching patterns through a process of elimination by the comparison of recurring patterns found between multiple resorts as well as patterns referenced in Christopher Alexander’s A Pattern Language.

The final task presents the articulation of the language within the context of specific properties on the Strip in order to facilitate the conversations between architects and individuals within the hospitality industry.

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Pattern language; Integrated resorts; Hotel architecture; Casino design



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