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In a city populated by Luxurious Hotels, the streetscape is often neglected discouraging extended interaction of the pedestrian in the area. As a result, the topic of security in public spaces is being analyzed to bring to light the recent increase in violent offenses. Establishing additional principles of safety to the standard best practice guidelines will impact the image of our city promoting public safety. The issue arises as to the lack of urban squares and architectural features that allow for recurring criminal behavior. An increase in crime financially causes a loss in profit for the retail and hotels surrounding the area. To continue, consumer behavior is affected by avoiding the spaces in those locations not only by tourists but also locals who are concerned about their safety. As Las Vegas places 33 percent higher in crime rates than the national average a study to find possible solutions is necessary. To demonstrate the importance of addressing this issue multiple data is gathered indicating locations along the Las Vegas strip with the most crime reported and the similar qualities in each that could be generating the opportunity for recurring assault. By treating the urban massing as a constant and exploring multiple elimination strategies, building, and plant materials as independent variables, the study hopes to determine the effects of the architectural innovations with professional assessments stemming from the representation of models and renderings. In the book, streetscape design strategies will be presented as a solution to reduce the risk of becoming a crime statistic, impact consumer behavior, and revitalizing the urban setting while re-imagining the ground level interaction between pedestrian and casino.

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Las Vegas (Nev.)

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University of Nevada, Las Vegas




Crime Prevention; Public Spaces; The Strip; Criminal Offenses Reduction; Oscar Newman; Architecture Strategies CPTED


Urban, Community and Regional Planning

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REVITALIZATION: Crime Prevention Through Design Intervention