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Las Vegas is constantly reinventing itself, and this year the whole world has had to reinvent itself. Had this thesis not been developed during a global pandemic, some of its ideas might be considered radical for the hospitality industry. However, given the evidence of the gaming world's ability to rapidly adapt to the ever-changing landscape of gambling and risk-taking in the tourist and hospitality industries, Roger Dey's work reads more as a play book for possible next steps in merging integrated resorts with electronic trading. It promises to reach millennials among other populations not already connected to the entertainment capital of the world. The notion of transforming investing and stock trading into a refined form of entertainment grew from Roger's personal experiences in both day trading and gambling. The excitement from both were recognized as stemming from some of the same risk-reward stimulus effect. Combining the two in a conceptual way was initially described as a "stock-book" taking ideas from the stock exchange and the sportsbook. The project developed beyond the conceptual to include assessments of architectural spaces that support both gambling/sports-betting and financial investing. Everything from lighting, signage, and spatial cues were identified as impacting perceptions of safety, security, strategy, and more... The objective through the innumerable architectural variations studied was to adjust existing spaces such that overall experiences would combine psychological effects of two seemingly opposite archetypes. For instances, the design of the New York, London, or Tokyo Stock Exchanges lacked the fun and excitement of a bar, club, or restaurant. Conversely, the casino floors throughout the Las Vegas Strip lack the sense of security or sophistication found in financial institutions. Roger has tirelessly worked to envision how these worlds can be brought together in the future of integrated resorts. With insights from renowned designer, Roger Thomas, Roger Dey concludes with specific ideas of how to implement this thesis. Everything from new bar-top investment machines to entertainment kiosks to facilitate trading is shown with recommended changes to programmatic layout, circulation, and lighting. From idea to design vision, this thesis feels well-positioned to inform the next evolution of Las Vegas.

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Las Vegas (Nev.)

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University of Nevada, Las Vegas




StockBook Gaming; Gregarious Layout; New Casino Space; Gaming Machines; The Cromwell


Interior Architecture

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Investing in Entertainment: Creating a new Las Vegas gaming space through a Stock Exchange informed design