Hospitality Design Leaders from Las Vegas based architecture firms (responsible for designing most of the resorts on the Las Vegas Strip and countless other national/international projects) are collaborating with UNLV School of Architecture (SoA) to offer a graduate concentration in Hospitality Design/Entertainment Architecture. This concentration allows students to engage and learn from industry leaders and investigate the issues that shape this dynamic international design industry. For qualified applicants including international students, practitioners in disciplines related to hospitality design, and students already holding an accredited architecture degree, the SoA would like to announce the HD Certificate. The HD Certificate program is an intensive one year course of study. To earn the certificate, students must engage in design/research under the guidance of faculty with diverse expertise and professionals with several years of experience, successfully defend their work before a panel of design critics, and demonstrate their ability to generate original material relevant to the profession and/or academia by completing a publishable work.


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