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The scientific method uncovers information from the natural world in small increments. This spurs the design of models to explain how the pieces fit together and to identify future targets of research. This is especially the case in psychology, where visualizing concepts is an advantageous practice. One all too common criticism of cognitive and behavioral models in psychology is the lack of a biological basis. This paper aims to alleviate part of this issue by integrating currently understood biological and neurological mechanisms that drive psychological phenomena into a predictive and descriptive model for basic human behavior. To accomplish this task, this paper explores numerous scientific reviews and studies regarding sensory perception, emotion, learning, and memory. This paper also features original research about decision making. Creating this model is a necessary first step for targeting possible future research and clinical practices related to human behavior.


sensory; perception; emotion; learning; memory; decision making; behavior


Behavior and Behavior Mechanisms | Systems Neuroscience


Calvert Award: Emerging Scholar Division

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