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There are many examples of United States hypocrisy in foreign policy, in numerous countries in virtually every region of the world. This paper will look at just one of those examples, the United States involvement in the overthrow of President Salvador Allende of Chile. Declassified government documents related to the CIA operation, codenamed FUBELT, are used to show key personnel involved and major aspects of the operation. These documents show a blatant disregard of the United States government's own ideology and policies regarding democracy, as well as its disregard of the United Nations documents that it signed to guarantee the right of self determination. The disregard of these rights that the United States has agreed to under the United Nations charter and the rights to a free and democratic society as guaranteed by our own Constitution are the heart of the hypocrisy of United States foreign policy. This is just one of the many reasons that the United States has such a terrible image among many of the nations in Latin America. It is an image that is tarnished as a direct result of our own political hypocrisy, the Cold War, and the desire of every President since Harry Truman to keep the United States in the spotlight of the world stage as a superpower.


Allende Gossens; Salvador; 1908-1973; Chile; CIA; FUBELT; Hypocrisy; International relations; Kissinger; Henry; 1923-; Latin America; Nixon; Richard M.(Richard Milhous); 1913-1994; Overthrow; Self-determination; National; Track I; Track II; United States


Latin American History | Political History | United States History

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