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Spring 2019


Creative Works Winner for 2019:

Identi-Tea Podcast is an original play based on the word-for-word interviews of three LGBTQ+ students of color from UNLV who explore all the various facets of their identities formatted in the style of a podcast. In various moments during the play, audience members are prompted by the actors to critically engage with the ideas presented.


Verbatim theatre; Theatre of the oppressed; Interactive; Theatre; Identity; LGBT; Transgender; Nonbinary; Representation


Arts and Humanities | Community-Based Research | Gender and Sexuality | Higher Education | Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Studies | Playwriting

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The additional files include my audio files from my interviews and the transcriptions. I also did two essays: the first essay was on the research aspect of the creative project which is directly related to the proposal process, and the second essay was on the creative aspect of the project. The research element shows more of how I used the library's resources. The bibliography is related to the research proposal I did for the creative project.

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Transcriptions for Play.pdf (284 kB)
Transcriptions for Play

Universidad De Nevada 2.m4a (37490 kB)
Interview 1: Nia Audio

Universidad De Nevada 3.m4a (12029 kB)
Interview 2 Part 1: Minaam Audio

Universidad De Nevada 4.m4a (20675 kB)
Interview 2 Part 2: Minaam Audio

7645 S Rainbow Blvd.m4a (36722 kB)
Interview 1 Part 1: Nat Audio

7645 S Rainbow Blvd 2.m4a (578 kB)
Interview 2 Part 2: Nat Audio

Research Reflection Essay.pdf (60 kB)
Research Reflection Essay

Play Bibliography.pdf (100 kB)