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Chloe Bernardo, Ed.


The project is called A Drawing a Day Keeps the Pandemic Away. We created it on March 17th, which was the day when we realized that we weren’t going to be able to go back into the museum and continue installing the exhibitions we had been planning to open on March 27th. People were asking us what we, as an art museum, were going to do to reach out to the community during the pandemic shutdown and honestly we were wondering that ourselves, so we had an online brainstorming session and came up with the idea of posting a daily drawing prompt on Instagram. Anyone who wanted could respond to the prompt by posting a drawing and tagging us. Then we would add their drawing to our story feed and our highlights, so there would be a growing record of everything we’d received. At the end of the project we would turn the submissions into a catalog. Drawing a Day is not only something that gives people a connection to the arts community during the shutdown, it’s also going to become a historical archive.

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Las Vegas (Nev.)

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Majorie Barrick Museum of Art




Expression; Pandemic art; Grounding; Majorie Barrick Museum


Art and Design | Digital Humanities | Social History

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The authors listed in this volume are:

Amanda Browder

Tina Niswonger

Martin Hackett

Beverly Neas

Eri King

Anne Savage

B. E. Gutierrez

Elia Neeley

Eva J. Scoville

Kim Garland

Joshua Kingston

Shaun Weston

Christel Polkowski

Hope Watson

Faye Stoelting

J. W. Watson

Meghan Coleman

Paige Bockman

Kristi Watson

Allen Linnabary

Joy Montano

Ben Savage

Mariane Campbell

Daniel Greer

Chris Mempin


Dan Hernandez

Cat Dixon


Nanda Sharif-Pour

Bailey Hart

Olivia Napa

Emmanuel Muñoz

Mikayla Whitmore

Amy Talluto


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A Drawing a Day Keeps the Pandemic Away: Vol 8