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Capstone Project

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Spring 5-11-2024

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Brookings Public Policy Minor Culminating Project

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The research topic for this project is lithium mining which holds significance to indigenous populations in the State of Nevada and mineral extraction companies seeking to mine there. My research objective is to gain a deeper understanding of the direct impacts that lithium mining has had on indigenous communities, throughout history and today. Overall, the purpose of the project is to expound upon the implications of lithium mining on indigenous communities in response to the recent higher demand for the critical mineral in the United States. If it can be understood exactly how lithium mining has affected Nevada’s indigenous population, then assessing how to mitigate the negative affects through policy can be achieved.


Mining law; Lithium Mines; resource extraction; state governments; indigenous communities; indigenous populations; Indian colonies; resource extraction; minerals; critical minerals; Reno Sparks Indian Colony


Energy Policy | Environmental Policy | Higher Education | Public Affairs | Public Policy | Social Policy | Urban Studies