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Police monitoring and accountability are important moral and economic issues within our nation. The problems that surround police accountability serve as the cause of issues regarding high rates of court cases having to deal with police misconduct, the issue of a nature of hostility surrounding police officers, and the social issue of police brutality. In order to help mitigate several of these problems, policy must be constructed in order to increase the rates at which we monitor police officers and hold them accountable.

Monetarily, the courts have a problem of having to deal with cases involving police misconduct. Due to there being a lack of accountability and monitoring of officers, there is a large influx of court cases having to deal with these issues of alleged police misconduct and costing the nation millions of dollars. There is also the social cost of a nature of hostility being fostered towards police officers due to this problem of accountability. Lastly, there is an additional social cost of an increase in police use of force and instances of police brutality because of a lack of police monitoring and accountability. In order to properly ascertain what should be done in order to mitigate these problems, a review of the underpinnings of this policy problem as a whole will first be conducted, followed by a discussion of a policy prescription for this problem of a lack of accountability and monitoring, leading into an analysis of how to implement a policy for this problem along with the possible costs. These analyses will ultimately culminate into the conclusion of what policy should be followed that will produce the most benefits to society.


Police; Body cameras; Policy; Police accountability


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