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The Lincy Institute and Brookings Mountain West at UNLV are pleased to host a colloquium entitled, “Making Cooperative Extension Work for Southern Nevada: Fulfilling UNLV’s Urban Land Grant Mission.” The event will explore ways to rethink and reform County Cooperative Extension so that it is relevant to the modern metropolis that is the Las Vegas area. The colloquium will feature research presentations that examine County Cooperative Extension from social, economic, and operational perspectives.


Education; Higher; Nevada--Las Vegas; Nonprofit organizations; Universities and colleges; University of Nevada; Las Vegas


Higher Education | Public Affairs, Public Policy and Public Administration | University Extension




An event presented by the Lincy Institute & Brookings Mountain West Research Colloquium Series.

Greenspun Auditorium, University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Downloadable video is 1.97 GB, in MP4 file format

Attached file: Agenda

Attached file: "The University of Nevada, Las Vegas: A Land Grant University"

Dr. Robert Lang

15 PowerPoint slides

Attached file: "University of Nevada Cooperative Extension in the Southern Nevada Non Profit Network"

Dr. Shannon Monnat

29 PowerPoint slides

Attached file: "Who Funds the University of Nevada Cooperative Extension?"

Dr. David Damore

17 PowerPoint slides

Attached file: "Comparing the Administration of University Cooperative Extensions in the United States: A Case Analysis"

Dr. Fatma Nasoz

31 PowerPoint slides

Agenda.pdf (621 kB)

Lang_Pres_UNLVLandGrant.pdf (510 kB)
PowerPoint presentation

Monnat_Pres_Cooperative.pdf (3151 kB)
PowerPoint presentation

Damore_Pres_WhoFunds.pdf (630 kB)
PowerPoint presentation

Nasoz_Pres_ComparingAdministration.pdf (2023 kB)
PowerPoint presentation