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Las Vegas, Nevada


On Friday November 9, 2018, Brookings Mountain West launched “Las Vegas and the Middle Class,” a major project exploring public policy initiatives designed to improve the quality of life of the middle class in Las Vegas, and to increase the number of people rising to join its ranks. Through independent, non-partisan analysis and policy development, the project aims to advance public understanding of the challenges facing the middle class in Las Vegas, and barriers to upward mobility. In collaboration with visiting scholars from the Brookings Institution - including Richard Reeves, Camille Busette, and others – experts at Brookings Mountain West, The Lincy Institute, and faculty across the UNLV campus will continue to collaborate to explore public policy questions critical to Las Vegas and the region. As part of the Brookings Institution’s Future Of The Middle Class Initiative, this project combines the expertise of this nationally-focused project with a local-focus on the Las Vegas metropolitan region. The initial launch of “Las Vegas and the Middle Class” featured a series of presentations that explore the definition of the middle class, envisioned the future of the middle class in American society, examined Las Vegas as a model for understanding issues critical to the growth of the middle class, and evaluated the role of higher education in expanding social and economic mobility for the middle class. Following the presentations, a panel discussion allowed the speakers to reflect upon the current state and future of the middle class in Las Vegas and the nation.


Middle class; Economy; Non-partisan


Economic Policy | Political Science | Public Affairs | Social Policy | Social Welfare

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This event was held at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas in the Greenspun Hall Auditorium on Friday November 9, 2018.

This event featured panelists Robert E. Lang, Executive Director of the The Lincy Institute and Brookings Mountain West, Camille Busette, Director of the Brookings Race, Prosperity, and Inclusion Initiative and a Senior Fellow in Governance Studies at the Brookings Institution, and Richard V. Reeves, Senior Fellow in Economic Studies at the Brookings Institution.

This event was moderated by William E. Brown Jr, UNLV Director of Brookings Mountain West.