Faculty research from the Computer Science department.


Submissions from 2022


Evaluation of Continuous Power-Down Schemes, James Andro-Vasko and Wolfgang Bein

The State of the Art in Voting Machine Technology: Just How Reliable Are They?, Hal Berghel and Hal Berghel

Text Classification Using Neural Network Language Model (NNLM) and BERT: An Empirical Comparison, Armin Esmaeilzadeh and Kazem Taghva

Generating Correction Candidates for OCR Errors Using BERT Language Model and FastText SubWord Embeddings, Mahdi Hajiali, Jorge Fonseca Cacho, and Kazem Taghva

Clinical Text Classification of Alzheimer’s Drugs’ Mechanism of Action, Mina Esmail Zadeh Nojoo Kambar, Pouyan Nahed, Jorge F. Cacho, Garam Lee, Jeffrey L. Cummings, and Kazem Taghva

A Roadmap for Multi-Omics Data Integration Using Deep Learning, Mingon Kang, Euiseong Ko, and Tesfaye B. Mersha

Global Postal Automation, Aimee Vachon, Leslie Ordonez, and Jorge F. Cacho

Submissions from 2021

Survey of the Development of Quantum Cryptography and Its Applications, Daniel Alvarez and Yoohwan Kim

An Evaluation For Online Power Down Systems Using Piece-Wise Linear Strategies, James Andro-Vasko and Wolfgang Bein

Decrease and Reset for Power-Down, James Andro-Vasko, Wolfgang Bein, Hiro Ito, Shoji Kasahara, and Jun Kawahara

Security and Privacy Issues with Virtual Private Voice Assistants, Deeksha Anniappa and Yoohwan Kim

Image Analysis With Machine Learning Algorithms to Assist Breast Cancer Treatment, Abu Asaduzzaman, Fadi N. Sibai, Shigehiko Kanaya, Md Altaf-Ul-Amin, Md Jashim Uddin, Kishore K. Chidella, and Parthib Mitra

Performance and Cost Analysis of Sia, a Blockchain-Based Storage Platform, Phillipe Austria, Chol Hyun Park, Alex Hoffman, and Yoohwan Kim

A Collapsing Academy, Part II: How Cancel Culture Works on the Academy, Hal Berghel

The Online Disinformation Opera, Hal Berghel

Acceleration of Vector Bilateral Filtering for Hyperspectral Imaging With GPU, Chong Chen

CoviReader: Using IOTA and QR Code Technology to Control Epidemic Diseases across the US, Benjamin Cisneros, Jiani Ye, Chol Hyun Park, and Yoohwan Kim

Computing Competencies for Undergraduate Data Science Programs: An ACM Task Force Final Report, Andrea Danyluk, Paul Leidig, Andrew McGettrick, Lillian Cassel, Maureen Doyle, Christian Servin, Karl Schmitt, and Andreas Stefik

Fun and Engaging Pre-CS1 Programming Languages, Daniel D. Garcia, Michael P. Rogers, and Andreas Stefik

Random Generation of Visibility Aware Polygons, Laxmi Gewali and Bibek Subedi


A Survey on Securing IoT Ecosystems and Adaptive Network Vision, Tejaswini Goli and Yoohwan Kim

A Divide and Conquer method with Semi-Global Failover for Software Defined Networks, Kasra Goravanchi, Ju Yeon Jo, and Yoohwan Kim


Bountychain: Toward Decentralizing a Bug Bounty Program with Blockchain and IPFS, Alex Hoffman, Phillipe Austria, Chol Hyun Park, and Yoohwan Kim


Functional Coordination of BET Family Proteins Underlies Altered Transcription Associated With Memory Impairment in Fragile X Syndrome, Seung Kyoon Kim, Xihui Liu, Jongmin Park, Dahun Um, Gokhul Kilaru, Cheng Ming Chiang, Mingon Kang, Kimberly M. Huber, Keunsoo Kang, and Tae Kyung Kim


Prediction of Alzheimer’s Disease-Specific Phospholipase C Gamma-1 SNV by Deep Learning-Based Approach for High-Throughput Screening, Sung Hyun Kim, Sumin Yang, Key Hwan Lim, Euiseng Ko, Hyun Jun Jang, Mingon Kang, Pann Ghill Suh, and Jae Yeol Joo