Multi-Objective Grid Scheduling for Battery Exchange Stations in Battery Consolidation Systems

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2021 IEEE 11th Annual Computing and Communication Workshop and Conference, CCWC 2021

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In this paper, we study the grid scheduling problem in a battery exchange station (BES) as a part of the battery consolidation system (BCS). We define the grid scheduling problem as the BES's service scheduling to exchange batteries of electric vehicles (EVs), the battery exchange price scheduling, and the electricity buying scheduling for a day ahead. We mathematically formulate the problem as a multi-objective optimization problem which aims at maximizing the BES's income and EVs' satisfaction, subject to the constraints of servicing all EVs arrived in the BES during a day, the limitation on the amount of buying electricity, and the limitation on the available full batteries at the beginning of the day. The stated problem is non-convex. To construct a convex problem, we apply the McCormick envelopes method. Subsequently, we solve the problem by CVX. Our simulation outcomes show that the BES can efficiently schedule the service, the battery exchange price, and the electricity buying based on the electricity price and the EVs' arrival distributions for a day ahead by applying our proposed method.


Battery Consolidation System; Battery Exchange Station; Electric Vehicle; Grid Scheduling; McCormick Envelopes; Multi-Objective Optimization


Computer Sciences



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