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We live in an era where technology is advancing at a fast rate; these technologies often replace menial tasks such as organizing data in general. As data grows, it can become unmanageable for a normal person to maintain. The purpose of this research is to automate the UNLV Computer Science faculty mentor system so that students can sign up and choose their mentor quickly without the need of human intervention. While doing this practical project we intend to learn key concepts of web design and development along with server management, cybersecurity practices, and practicing the research process of learning and applying technologies to an existing problem. We have researched different technologies and how they work together to prototype this project. This includes finding frameworks to use with front-end development, what database management to use, and back-end API to send out emails. The result shows basic functionality of the application where students input their UNLV student email to receive a link where they can submit their information and their preferred faculty mentor. Another feature that was added is an administrator type of account where UNLV faculty members have control in adding or removing mentors and visualizing the data in a tabular form based on the search criteria. As a result of our project, this will automate administrative tasks in the Computer Science department. If other schools within UNLV adopt a mentorship system, then this project is easily expandable and will prove to be useful in other departments.

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Fall 11-15-2021




Application; Development; Technology; Database; Framework

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Faculty Mentor: Jorge Fonseca Cacho


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Automating UNLV's Computer Science Mentorship System