Robustness of star graph network under link failure

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The star graph is an attractive underlying topology for distributed systems. Robustness of the star graph under link failure model is addressed. Specifically, the minimum number of faulty links, f(n, k), that make every (n − k)-dimensional substar Sn−k faulty in an n-dimensional star network Sn, is studied. It is shown that f(n,1)=n+2. Furthermore, an upper bound is given for f(n, 2) with complexity of O(n3) which is an improvement over the straightforward upper bound of O(n4) derived in this paper.


Cayley graphs; Computer network resources; Fault-tolerant computing; Graph theory; Routing (Computer network management)


Computer Engineering | Digital Communications and Networking | Electrical and Computer Engineering | Engineering | Signal Processing | Systems and Communications


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