Calculations and measurements of the unity plus 3-phase induction-motor

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The Unity Plus induction motor configuration for three-phase motors is described and analyzed. In the Unity Plus winding method only one set of windings, called the power winding, is connected directly to the source. The second set of windings is connected to capacitors and is coupled to the power winding through transformer action. The equivalent circuit of the Unity Plus motor for steady-state operation is obtained through standard induction motor analysis methods. Laboratory experiments on a 10 hp three-phase induction motor, both as a conventional winding configuration and as a Unity Plus configuration after rewinding by Unity Plus representatives, verified the accuracy of the circuit model and showed that the Unity Plus winding configuration did not result in higher efficiencies than that obtainable from conventional winding methods


Electric circuits; Equivalent; Electric motors; Induction--Design and construction; Electric motors; Induction--Windings


Electrical and Computer Engineering | Engineering | Power and Energy | Signal Processing | Systems and Communications


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