Attitude-control of a 3 rotor gyrostat in the presence of uncertainty

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A nonlinear control law for large angle rotational maneuvers of spacecraft using reaction wheels in the presence of uncertainty is presented. The derivation of this suboptimal control law does not require any information on the values of the system parameters and the disturbance torques acting on the spacecraft. The controller includes a dynamic system in the feedback path. The control law is a nonlinear function of the attitude error, the rate of the attitude error and the compensator state. Simulation results are presented to show that large angle rotational maneuvers can be performed in spite of the uncertainty in the system.


Astrodynamics; Nonlinear equations; Rolling moments; Rotary gyroscopes; Satellite attitude control; Spacecraft control; Spacecraft maneuvers


Aerodynamics and Fluid Mechanics | Aeronautical Vehicles | Aerospace Engineering | Electrical and Computer Engineering | Navigation, Guidance, Control and Dynamics | Signal Processing | Structures and Materials | Systems and Communications


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