Robust Higher-Order Sliding Mode Control Systems for Roll-Coupled Maneuvers of Aircraft Using Output Feedback

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Atmospheric Flight Mechanics Conference




This paper delves into the design of two nonlinear higher order sliding mode control system for roll-coupled maneuvers of swept wing aircraft with uncertain parameters. The purpose is to control the output variables roll angle, angle of attack, sideslip angle, and pitch angle using aileron, elevator, and rudder deflection angles. First, for the aircraft model with a nominal set of known parameters, a finite-time stabilizing (FTS) control law based on the notion of geometric homogeneity is designed for two flight conditions. Second, for designing the robust control in the presence of parameter uncertainties, In conjunction with FTS control law (i) a discontinuous Sliding Mode Control (SMC) law and (ii) a Super-Twisting (STW) continuous control law with high gain observer are designed. Same procedure is repeated by estimating nominal parameters of the aircraft by designing observer in presence of uncertainties. It is shown that in the closed-loop system consisting of either the FTS control law alone or FTS with SMC and STW control systems, the trajectory tracking error and their first order error derivative converge to the origin in finite time. Simulation results for performance of a sweptwing fighter aircraft model are obtained. These results show that each of the designed flight controllers achieve precise simultaneous large longitudinal and lateral maneuvers, in spite of uncertainties in the aircraft model.


Aerospace Engineering



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