Presentations delivered by graduate students, faculty, and scholars affiliated with UNLV's Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering Department.


Submissions from 2019

Immersion-and Invariance-Based Adaptive Control of Asteroid-Orbiting and - Hovering Spacecraft, Keum W. Lee and Sahjendra N. Singh

Noncertainty-Equivalence Adaptive Attitude Control of Satellite Orbiting Around an Asteroid, Keum W. Lee and Sahjendra N. Singh

A Dynamic ReLU on Neural Networks, Jiong Si, Sarah L. Harris, and Evangelos Yfantis

Submissions from 2018

A Bootstrap Approach for Improving Logistic Regression Performance in Imbalanced Data Sets., Michael Chang, Rohan J. Dalpatadu, Dieudonne Phanord, and Ashok K. Singh

Submissions from 2012

The Building of a Large Government Digital Library, Kazem Taghva

Submissions from 2011

Fuzzy Information Extraction on OCR Text, Ramon Pereda and Kazem Taghva

Acronym Expansion via Hidden Markov Models, Kazem Taghva and Lakshmi Vyas

Submissions from 2009

XML Based Implementation of a Bibliographic Database and Recursive Queries, Kazem Taghva and Kirankumar Jayakumar

Submissions from 2008

Implementation of Recursive Queries for Information Systems, Kazem Taghva and Jayalakshmi Jeyaraman

Feature Selection for Document Type Classification, Kazem Taghva and Jason Vergara

Submissions from 2007

Extracting “Carbon Copy” Names and Organizations from a Heterogeneous Document Collection, Kazem Taghva, Russell Beckley, and Jeffrey Coombs

Association Rule Discovery of Privacy Information, Kazem Taghva, Pavankumar Bondugula, and Darshana Gala

Comparison of Automatic Clustering and Manual Categorization of Documents, Kazem Taghva and Meghna Sharma

Submissions from 2006

Automatic Redaction of Private Information Using Relational Information Extraction, Kazem Taghva, Russell Beckley, Jeffrey Coombs, Julie Borsack, Ramon Pereda, and Thomas Nartker

Submissions from 2005

A Stemming Algorithm for the Farsi Language, Kazem Taghva, Russell Beckley, and Mohammad Sadeh

Arabic Stemming Without A Root Dictionary, Kazem Taghva, Rania Elkhoury, and Jeffrey Coombs

Submissions from 2004

Recognition and Identification of Form Document Layouts, Kai Luo, Shahram Latifi, Kazem Taghva, and Emma Regentova

Language Model-Based Retrieval for Farsi Documents, Kazem Taghva, Jeffrey Coombs, Ramon Pereda, and Thomas Nartker

Information Access in the Presence of OCR Errors, Kazem Taghva, Thomas Nartker, and Julie Borsack

Submissions from 2003

A Method for Calculating Term Similarity on Large Document Collections, Wolfgang W. Bein, Jeffrey Coombs, and Kazem Taghva

Ontology-based Classification of Email, Kazem Taghva, Julie Borsack, Jeffrey Coombs, Allen Condit, Steve Lumos, and Thomas Nartker

Submissions from 2002

Determining the Usefulness of Manually Assigned Keywords for a Vector Space System, Kazem Taghva, Thomas Nartker, Julie Borsack, and Allen Condit

Submissions from 1998

Low temperature MBE of GaAs: A theoretical investigation of RHEED oscillations, K. Natarajan, Rama Venkat, and D. L. Dorsey

Submissions from 1994

Expert System for Automatically Correcting OCR Output, Kazem Taghva, Julie Borsack, and Allen Condit

Results of Applying Probabilistic IR to OCR Text, Kazem Taghva, Julie Borsack, and Allen Condit

Submissions from 1985

Diffusion path representation for two-phase ternary diffusion couples, M. A. Dayananda and Rama Venkat