Diffusion path representation for two-phase ternary diffusion couples

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Several two-phase, solid-solid diffusion couples from diffusion studies in the ternary Cu-Ni-Zn, Fe-Ni-Al and Cu-Ag-Au systems were investigated for their analytical representation on the basis of characteristic path parameters. The concentration profiles were examined in terms of relative concentration variables for cross-over compositions and internal consistency. The diffusion paths delineated single or double S-shaped curves crossing the straight line joining the terminal alloy compositions once or thrice. Cross-over compositions were identified in the individual phase regions or at an interface. Based on the symmetry between the path segments on either side of cross-over compositions, the paths were analytically represented with the aid of cross-over compositions and path slopes at these compositions, considered as path parameters. Exprestion for the ratios of diffusion depth on the two sides of the Matano plane were derived in terms of cross-over compositions and the estimated ratios of diffusion depths were found to be consistent with those observed from the concentration profiles.


Alloys; Aluminum; Copper; Gold; Iron; Matano plane; Nickel; Silver; Solid diffusion; Zinc




Presented at TMS-American Institute of Mining, Metallurigal, and Petroleum Engineers (AIME), Toronto, Canada, 1985.


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