High-pressure Seebeck coefficients and thermoelectric behaviors of Bi and PbTe measured using a Paris-Edinburgh cell

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A new sample cell assembly design for the Paris-Edinburgh type large-volume press for simultaneous measurements of X-ray diffraction, electrical resistance, Seebeck coefficient and relative changes in the thermal conductance at high pressures has been developed. The feasibility of performing in situ measurements of the Seebeck coefficient and thermal measurements is demonstrated by observing well known solid-solid phase transitions of bismuth (Bi) up to 3 GPa and 450 K. A reversible polarity flip has been observed in the Seebeck coefficient across the Bi-I to Bi-II phase boundary. Also, successful Seebeck coefficient measurements have been performed for the classical hightemperature thermoelectric material PbTe under high pressure and temperature conditions. In addition, the relative change in the thermal conductivity was measured and a relative change in ZT, the dimensionless figure of merit, is described. This new capability enables pressure-induced structural changes to be directly correlated to electrical and thermal properties. © 2016 International Union of Crystallography.


High pressure; Paris-Edinburgh press; Seebeck coefficient; Thermal conductivity; Thermoelectrics

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