Development of spatial data tools to manage transportation networks

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This paper presents a summary of a process used to develop a spatial data system to help manage transportation networks. Issues related to the system architecture, and identification and integration of software and hardware elements are addressed. Commercial off-the-shelf software and hardware, along with customized interfaces are used to develop the system. Hardware considered includes portable digital assistants, Tablet PC, and Laptop. Key aspects that were considered in selecting the hardware include the ease with which they can be used in the field, their durability, effectiveness, and portability. Compatibility and ability to integrate with other application software were also critical considerations. The software is selected based on the ease with which they can be used and integrated with web authoring software, thus enhancing collection, processing, and dissemination of data. In addition, the compatibility of the software with various data formats (i.e., prior versions of databases), and the potential for such compatibility to continue into the future is also important. Software considered and tested includes Autodesk MapGuide, ESRI ArcIMS, ESRI ArcPad, and Terrasync software. Using selected hardware and software, a pilot project is used to demonstrate the use of the system to assimilate, manage, process, and communicate transportation infrastructure related data.


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