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World Environmental and Water Resources Congress 2017

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Sacramento, California

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Present study uses two dimensional flow routing capabilities of hydrologic engineering center's river analysis system (HEC-RAS) for flood inundation mapping in lower region of Brazo River watershed subjected to frequent flooding. For analysis, river reach length of 20 km located at Richmond, Texas, was considered. Detailed underlying terrain information available from digital elevation model of 1/9-arc second resolution was used to generate the two-dimensional (2D) flow area and flow geometrics. Streamflow data available from gauging station USGS08114000 was used for the full unsteady flow hydraulic modeling along the reach. Developed hydraulic model was then calibrated based on the manning's roughness coefficient for the river reach by comparison with the downstream rating curve. Corresponding water surface elevation and velocity distribution obtained after 2D hydraulic simulation were used to determine the extent of flooding. For this, RAS mapper's capabilities of inundation mapping in HEC-RAS itself were used. Mapping of the flooded areas based on inflow hydrograph on each time step were done in RAS mapper, which provided the spatial distribution of flow. The results from this study can be used for flood management as well as for making land use and infrastructure development decisions.


HEC-RAS; Flood inundation; 2D flow; Unsteady flow


Civil and Environmental Engineering | Water Resource Management


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