Analysis of Occupational Injuries in the Mechanical Contracting Industry of Southern Nevada

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Conference Proceeding

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52nd ASC Annual International Conference Proceedings


In the United States, more than three million non-fatal workplace injuries were recorded in 2014. The injury rate of Nevada is above the average rate of national level. This paper analyzes injuries and illness rate of mechanical contracting industry located in southern Nevada. It also determines the impact of safety training classes and use of personal protection equipment to reduce these injuries. To obtain the injury data a questionnaire survey was conducted with mechanical contractors working in southern Nevada in 2009. The format of the questionnaire used to collect these data are similar to the one used by the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics. The results show that the injury rate for larger mechanical contractors is significantly lower than the injury rate for smaller mechanical contractors. Results also show that sprains and strains are the major injury types. The study could not find significant association between Occupational Safety and Health Administration safety training and injury rates.