Factor analysis of construction delays in the U.S. construction industry

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International Conference on Sustainable Infrastructure 2017: Methodology - Proceedings of the International Conference on Sustainable Infrastructure 2017


American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE)

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Delays in completing construction projects is one of the most common problems of the construction industry, and has a detrimental effect on all triple-bottom lines of sustainability (i.e., social, environmental, and financial). Considering the numerous negative consequences of construction activities, particularly for the environment, efforts should be taken to minimize the duration of the construction phase and the risk of delays. This study involved empirical research about the causes of delay in the U.S. construction industry. It was based on the findings of a nationwide survey, and targeted experienced experts in the construction industry in order to study the causes of delays in construction projects. The survey results showed that excessive change orders and delay in decision making process played a significant role in causing delays. The factor analysis results indicated that 14 delay causes can be extracted and grouped into four categories namely, communication, decision making process, designer's inefficiency, and contractor' efficiency. These findings could be used to combine together delays causes, so that the root causes of delays could be determined. © ASCE.



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