Multi-Physics Simulation of Microwave Energy for curing Cement-based Materials

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Construction Research Congress 2018


A microwave heating approach is an effective solution for curing cement-based materials because the microwave penetrates materials and efficiently distributes electromagnetic energy throughout. Furthermore, the microwave heating method contains other advantages in the way that the heating process is rapid and energy efficient and does not generate secondary wastes. To understand and estimate the performance of the microwave curing for cement-based materials, investigating an accurate numerical model is essential because the process of microwave heating is complicated, and combines two physical domains, electromagnetics, and thermal mechanics. This paper explores the significance of multi-physics simulation, which enables an accurate description of numerical models in order to better understand the microwave curing/heating process. To evaluate the heating performance of the microwave curing method, this study compared the multi-physics simulation with a model simulating a referenced traditional heating method. The simulation results indicated that the proposed microwave heating approach was more effective in curing concrete than the conventional heating approach. A multi-physics simulation approach as well as the findings of this study could benefit the construction industry by facilitating the process of concrete curing by means of precise electronic control of cleaning heating.



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