Adaptive Signal Processing for BLE-based Sensors for Construction Proximity Applications

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Construction Research Congress

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One of the major challenges that the construction industry has struggled with is proximity-related accidents. Proximity-hazardous situations involving the ground worker and construction equipment often occur in roadway work zones because of their complex and dynamic interactions in proximity. To detect potential hazardous situations, many researchers have explored various sensing technologies and approaches to address this challenge. Most of their research has focused on identifying the capability of developed/used systems in certain settings. Recent studies found that various interactions (e.g., equipment with various speeds) could cause an alert delay of certain proximity sensing and alert systems. Despite this, limited research efforts have been made to explore this problem using sensing technologies. To handle the issue with the potential delay, which can lead to injuries or fatalities, this study introduces adaptive signal processing using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) sensors. The adaptive signal-processing approach demonstrates that the responsiveness of the BLE-based proximity sensing system with respect to delay can be improved.



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