Developing and testing a LED system to improve pedestrian safety in Nevada

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Nevada Department of Transportation, Research Division: University of Nevada, Reno


The proposed LED pedestrian crossing system is an enhanced pedestrian crossing system that can automate the flashing of LED street light after the detecting the presence of pedestrian crossing streets. Comparing the existing pedestrian crossing, the proposed system has the warning by flashing the LED light. In addition, it can detect the pedestrian crossing and automatically trigger the LED. This feature can reduce the risk by pedestrian crossing without pressing the button. Such a system was first developed in the lab at UNLV. Special LED light was designed that can cover a wide area where pedestrians cross streets. Pedestrian sensors are designed that can detect pedestrians in a wide range around the pedestrian crossing sign. A controller was developed that is attached to the LED sign overhead and was connected to the pedestrian sensors on the pedestrian crossing sign pole. To ensure that pedestrian used to press button, a pressing button was developed as well connecting to the controller. The developed LED lighting system was installed at an intersection in the City of North Las Vegas. The installed system was not tested because of the vandalism concern. Even the test was not conducted, data on pedestrian behavior in the current crossing system were collected. A methodology on cost and benefit analysis was developed. It was concluded that the system worked in the field. The system could be more user-friendly if advanced technologies are developed for pedestrian detection. The successful system would improve pedestrian safety in Nevada.