Human Responses of Emergency Evacuation Using Agent-Based Modeling

Jee Woong Park, University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Cristian Arteaga, University of Nevada, Las Vegas


With recent occurrences of mass shooting, shooting evacuation has become a vital issue for public safety. Despite a few past research studies on shooting, they are limited in simulating the behaviors of people in evacuation. To address this challenge, this research develops an evacuation model by using agent-based modeling with NetLogo and investigates the fighting behaviors of people in imminent danger. The research conducts a parametric study on the distance range of victims fighting against a shooter for specific test situations. The simulation results indicate a trend of the increased percentage of casualties with the decreased fighting range, and this trend holds true for the tested different human density cases. The findings, along with more comprehensive studies covering additional parameters in future studies, could serve as a basis for establishing automated evacuation assistance systems based on detailed guidelines of victim responses in emergent evacuations.