Windsor Park: The Sinking Streets

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University of Nevada, Las Vegas

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Las Vegas (Nev.)


At the encouragement of Nevada State Senator Dina Neal and law professors Ngai Pindell and Frank Fritz, undergraduate and graduate UNLV film students donned their masks and returned to the field to interview documentary subjects and bring awareness to a local community in the shadows searching for hope.

Windsor Park: The Sinking Streets, is about one of the first all-Black housing communities in North Las Vegas – off Clayton Street and Cartier Avenue – seeking justice after withdrawal of groundwater and geological faults caused their homes and streets to sink and crack. Although the government offered financial help to relocate, it was not enough to buy comparable homes, and many residents were financially unable to take advantage of it. They feel ignored and neglected by their government. The film questions whether this is an issue of systemic racism.

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Documentary films; Community development; City planning--Economic aspects; City planning and redevelopment law


Civic and Community Engagement | Film and Media Studies | Housing Law

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North Las Vegas

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The UNLV Department of Film

In Association with the William S. Boyd School of Law

This film was made in UNLV's Film 447 Documentary Techniques Class during the spring of 2021. All pandemic protocol and safety measures were followed while filming.

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with Executive Producer

Professor Brett Levner

Associate Producers

Josh Smith

Leez Alkhoury

Tyler Newby

Written by

Cindi Redus


Tyler Newby

Featuring (in order of appearance)

Claytee D. White

Annie L. Walker

June and Nancy Johnson

Professor Frank Fritz

Senator Dina Neal

Professor Ngai Pindell

Director of Photography

Ahmad Abu-Shamma

Additional Camera Operators

John Nicole Teodosio

Josh Smith

Rachita Dhakal

Reyn Kaneshiro

Edited By

Connor Macleod

Fereli Flores-Yanez


Additional Editing by

Cindi Redus

Field Producers

Carlee Snell

Leez Alkhoury


Kalea Wright

Sound Recordists

Erika Feyne Linis

Gonzalo Gutierrez-Desantiago

Audio Post Production

Ashley Lee

Quinlan Craig

Voice Over Artist

Sebastian Ross

Voice Over Recordist

Professor Tom Bjelic


Morgan Tilley

Social Media Consultant

Shahab Zargari

Social Media Assistants

Casey Mceuen

Marquise Hebbler

Samantha Soriano


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