Slot operations; slot management; casino operations; slot mix; casino management; slot machine volatility


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While holding par constant, changes in the standard deviation of the pay table produced an inverse effect on pulls per losing player (PPLP), across six different virtual slot machines. This result establishes the standard deviation of a game as a crucial determinant of a slot player's experience. Three different single-trip scenarios were examined via computer simulation, with 50,000 players engaging each game. For example, virtual players began with 100 units, terminating play at bankruptcy or 200 units. As players focus on the outcome of single visits, understanding the determinants of PPLP (or time on device) will help management engineer desirable customer experiences at the trip level. In part, this can be achieved by altering the product mix to better match the expectations of the clientele. Given the remarkable bankruptcy rate of the trip simulations, proxies for value such as PPLP serve as crucial evaluation standards in the satisfaction process.