Atmospherics; servicescape; casino gaming; Chinese gambler; Macau


Gaming and Casino Operations Management | Gaming Law

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Original Research Article


This study investigates the emotional impact of casino servicescape among Chinese table games gambling participants, and its impact on their approach/avoidance behavior. Data on casino servicescape, pleasure, arousal and dominance emotion (PAD) and approach/avoidance responses were obtained from 158 Chinese gamblers in Macau and analyzed using path analysis. The results of this study suggest that aesthetic factors within servicescape significantly influence the customers' perception of the overall servicescape quality. While gambling facilitating factors within servicescape have significant impact on PAD emotions, they are not significant components of the perceived overall servicescape quality. Both overall servicescape quality and PAD emotions have significant positive influence on approach responses. The current study shows that besides inducing pleasure (satisfaction) emotion in customers, a successful strategy would include arousal and dominance emotions when designing and managing the casino servicescape. Casino operators could benefit from designing facilities that can make a customer feel satisfied, excited, and in control.