Race book operations; sports book operations; casino management; slot operations; table game operations; casino operations analysis


Gaming and Casino Operations Management | Gaming Law

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Using performance data from three Las Vegas hotel-casinos, time series regression models were employed to better understand the relationship between race and sports book wagering volumes, and slot and table game play. Variables representing both race and sports book wagering volumes failed to produce statistically significant effects in seven of twelve hypothesis tests, within models designed to explain the daily variation in slot and table game play. The results directly extend the work of Abarbanel, Lucas and Singh (2011) by examining the relationship between book wagering levels and table game play, and provide additional empirical tests of the Full Service Theory examined in Lucas (2013b). Casino operators and developers gain valuable insight related to the contribution of books to primary casino profit centers, and the methodological approach is readily adaptable to other leisure service businesses interested in estimating the contributions of one profit center to another.