online gambling; social casino; wireless and mobile technologies; iGambling commerce; gambling behavior


Gaming and Casino Operations Management | Gaming Law

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Original Research Article


The social casino and real money gambling industries, including gambling at online and live venues (such as casino resorts), are quickly converging (H2 Gambling Capital & Odobo, 2013). Differences in demographics and gambling behaviors for different frequencies of social casino participation among real money online gamblers are examined to explore customer behaviors between the two markets. Frequency of play in social casino games varied depending on gender and education, similar to patterns in real money gambling. Players who participated more frequently in social casino games were also more likely to spend more time participating in real money online gambling, suggested to be due to increased familiarity with the games. Findings provide consumer insight for online gambling and social casino companies working toward convergence of the two game types, including implications for target markets for crossover play, loyalty programs, and corporate social responsibility.