COVID-19, tourism, Las Vegas, community, sociology


Gaming and Casino Operations Management | Marketing | Sociology of Culture | Tourism

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When, in 2003, the Las Vegas Visitors and Convention Authority (LVCVA) launched the tag line “What happens here, stays here,” it reinforced the idea, already supported by the media, that in Sin City everything is allowed. Looking at the COVID-19 crisis, one might wonder how, after being seen for years as a place without restrictions, Las Vegas could convince its tourists to respect some rigid safety guidelines. This paper tries to answer that question starting from the framework of the host-guest relationship, which is widely used in anthropology and sociology of tourism. On the one hand, I state that short-time strategies, such as the new LVCVA’s campaign #VegasSmart and the health-related measures undertaken by integrated resorts might represent efficient ways to educate visitors while limiting the spread of the virus. On the other hand, I propose a sociological perspective, arguing that a long-term view that takes into consideration the—often ignored—role of the Las Vegas community might be key.

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