Macau gaming control and regulation; Macau gaming regulatory history; casino inspection; gaming regulatory agencies; Macao


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Macau has seen the rapid development of casinos in the past two decades. Long-established regulatory control of the city’s gaming industry ensures compliance with the applicable regulations and standards. Among other regulators and staff, gaming inspectors are responsible for the first-line supervision of gaming operations across Macau casinos. This paper is the first attempt to review the casino regulatory inspection in Macau with a particular focus on the functions and practices of gaming inspectors stationed at casinos. Existing internal and external factors affecting the functions of gaming inspectors are identified and discussed in this paper. The authors of this paper consider that high-caliber gaming inspectors play a pivotal role in the regulatory performance of the gaming industry. Suggestions for further improvement are also provided for Macau to develop an effective regulatory inspection system for the gaming industry.

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