European slot market; gaming revenue


Gaming and Casino Operations Management | Gaming Law

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Original Research Article


In recent years, the casino industry in some European countries has experienced remarkable growth in gaming revenues. This study examines the growth momentum of casino gaming in Europe and its implications for casinos on the Las Vegas Strip and in Atlantic City. Five factors that make European markets attractive for U. S. casinos were considered: the fast growth of the European slot market; unfavorable tax structures and high legal barriers to entry into the European casino industry; the growth of leisure time; low spending on marketing by European casinos; and the use of European slot players to balance table games favored by Asian players. Based on these factors, this paper addressed the feasibility of Las Vegas Strip and Atlantic City casinos tapping European markets for more slot players. The study suggests that diversifying into European markets could help the two U.S. destinations in two ways-by enhancing the volume and improving the stability of their gaming revenues.