The K-shell Auger decay of atomic oxygen

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Relative photoionization cross sections for and produced by the Auger decay of a 1s hole in atomic oxygen were measured by using synchrotron radiation between 525 and 553 eV. Energies and quantum defects of the members of the two Rydberg series converging to and ionization thresholds were determined. In addition, the and ionization thresholds were calculated from the two Rydberg series. The 182 meV resolution of the monochromator allowed a detailed study over both thresholds revealing evidence for post-collision interaction and allowing a comparison of the ionization continuum above both and thresholds with that of the ionization continuum above the Ar edges. This comparison indicates that the lifetimes of the Ar(2p) and O(1s) hole states are approximately the same.


Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics | Physical Chemistry


Also published in:

Advanced Light Source Compendium of User Abstracts and Technical Reports 1993-1996, April 1997, p. 56


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