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The tenth quarter of the project covered the following:

• Mr. Richard Silva continued the development of a simulation model with a Waelischmiller hot cell robot, and is close to completing his M.Sc. thesis project. Rich will likely defend his thesis in April 2004.

• A project review meeting with Dr. Mitch Meyer and other ANL scientists was held in December 2003 at ANL West, Idaho Falls, ID. Dr. Meyer described ANL long term research objectives with regard to transmuter fuel manufacturing.

• Further refinements on Concepts and Methods for Vision-Based Hot Cell Supervision and control, focusing on rule-based object recognition (Ph.D. Graduate Jae-Kyu Lee)

• Graduate student Jamil Renno refined and detailed his simulations of more complex fuel manufacturing and fuel pin assembly scenarios using hot cell robots. Jamil also created a new, exact robot dynamics model.

• A paper submitted to ANS for 10th International Conference on Robotics & Remote Systems (in March 2004) in Gainesville, FL was accepted for presentation and publication.


Nuclear fuel rods – Design and construction; Manipulators (Mechanism); Radioactive wastes — Transmutation; Robots; Industrial; Robots; Industrial – Control systems; Robots; Industrial — Kinematics


Controls and Control Theory | Nuclear Engineering | Robotics